ROI from Insights of Data Together with our customers we add
data drivenvalue for individuals and
Transforming organizations. Our consultants transform organizations
to become data driven.
Data Driven projects. Developing business cases with our
customers and implementation is our core.
Out of the box AI solutions. From Bots towards Document understanding
solutions on prem or Cloud based.
Life long learning Providing custom-made or standard
analytics courses.

Data Analytics enables individuals & organizations to benefit from the added value from insights of data. Our company is active in Consulting, Projects, Solutions and our education services

Data Analytics Consulting


Being successful with the implementation of data driven solutions is about leadership and steering the initiative as about the numbers themselves. Management must succeed with this necessary change resulting in empowered employees. The question is where to start and that is where we will help you with our consulting solutions.


Our projects start with development of the business case capturing the reasoning and the (financial) added value. The data is collected, wrangled and enriched. The data model is built and modified as long as it meets the required outcome. Together with our customer, we then implement the solution into the workflow and educate the employees.

Data Analytics Solutions


We deliver on-prem or Cloud-based license-fee standardized data driven solutions ranging from rule-based and/or cognitive bots, invoice and resume parsing & document understanding solutions, classification of emails towards a complete suite of HR analytics tools.

Data Analytics Academy


Analytical talent is in high demand and our academy offers courses for a comprehensive foundation of data science success. From high level leadership educational programs focused on the necessity of become data driven, towards hands-on standard or custom-made data science/engineering courses.

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